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Revan & Reina (2018)

Genre: Drama, Romantic
Kualitas: Tahun: Dilihat: 3.369 views
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Download Film Revan & Reina (2018) Full Movie. Revan (Bryan Domani) and Reina (Angela Gilsha) are friends since childhood, because they are neighbours. From being friends to dating, that’s their unique relationship. Although Revan’s age is three years younger, Reina feels comfortable. Reina has a love of the past: Fabian (Irsyadillah). Fabian leaves with only one word spoken: sorry, without explaining what happened. After three years Fabian reappeared. Meanwhile, there is Dira (Meisya Amira) who is secretly in love with Revan. Reina finally knew what Fabian had been covering up for. Since birth Fabian has thalassemia. Fabian leaves Reina to search for a bone marrow donor who is the only treatment that can cure his illness. He also ignored his feelings for Reina.

Bahasa:bahasa Indonesia


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